Bhangra Dance Class @Akihabara, Tokyo


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We will practice this song from March 2018, for Bollywood Dance Performance Class.☟


Shape Of You Bhangra Remix


SATURDAY 15:00~16:15(75 min)
4/7, 4/14, 4/21, 4/28

 We will move in another studio from April☟


Takenaka Sharm Underground 1F
3-1-3, Asakusabashi, Taito-ku, Tokyo



¥16,000 for 8 lessons (each class: ¥2000)
*Trial lesson is available on ¥2000
*Excluding the costume and the accessories fees.
*The lesson fees depends on the song.
*This Bhangra song will take 8 lessons to teach.

Rehearsal: ¥1,500/time
Before an event, 2 rehearsals will be held.

REHEARSAL DAY: Depends till the day of the event.

Costumes and Accessories: according to event and the song.
Before 2 months of event, we will start preparing costumes and accessories.


  1. Simple exercises and warming up by 2 songs with simple dance steps.
  2. Teaching the dance step by step and also expressions.
  3. Cool down exercises


Bhangra refers to several forms of folk dance and music that originate in the Punjab region of India. The dance is generally performed during the Vaisakhi festival that celebrates the harvest.
Bhangra has a very energetic and lively tone and the dance is equally vivacious.
The dresses worn by the male and female dancers are quite different from each other although both are a reflection of the joyous celebrations.
Now Bhangra has evolved and in the past 30 years it has become integrated into popular Asian culture. Now it is recognized and enjoyed the world over.

The influence of Bhangra can be seen clearly in the world of Bollywood with Bhangra artists being used to supply the soundtracks to some of the biggest movies from this industry.


  1. These dance lessons are for performances, so whoever would like to participate in a performances can join these classes.
    The students who don’t want to perform can still continue the lessons
    and should follow the schedule.
  2. There will be a schedule for every song that is going to be taught in class,
    it is compulsory to attend all the classes.
    (personal/physical reasons will be considered once or twice).
  3. We have to set a number of classes according to the song.
  4. Whenever we have the schedule for the next event,
    we’ll perform on the song.
  5. Rehearsal lessons will be held for the performance, so all the members who are going to perform should attend the rehearsal lesson.
  6. For song, if required, you have to buy or rent the costumes and accessories (compulsory), the money depends on the costume and the accessories. (Minimum to maximum cost: ¥5,000~50,000).
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