This class is for the people who want to shake your body with Hot Bollywood Hits songs,
and for the people who don’t have much experience with dancing.

Beginners&Fitness Class is suitable for,
absolute beginner(who is new to Bollywood dancing or dancing in general ),
and who finds that it’s difficult to remember choreography as well.
Of course who just want to move your body with Bollywood beats and to get rid of stress.

Also, people who want to practice Hindi language,
And who are interested in Indian unique gestures, etc…are welcome!



  1. Fitness Time
    Warming up 3, 4 songs with simple steps or song which we practice before .
  2.  Choreography Practice
    Teaching the dance on the song step by step.
    To finish one song, it will take about 2 months.
    And you will learn how to make expressions and how to make your body flexible.
  3. One cool down song in the end .

*Which song we are practicing now  → BLOG
*At a last lesson of the song, we will shoot video wearing Indian outfit.(If you own one)
Sample :


Tuesdays 20:20~21:40


FEEs :

Ticket Price
1 time ticket   ¥3,000 One time only
4 times tickets   ¥8,000 ¥2,000/time, valid for 2 months
8 times tickets  ¥12,000 ¥1,500/time, valid for 4 months

*Join it now before it’s too late!
Go ahead and get a Trial lesson only for 1,000 yen!!
Please check the lesson schedule on Calendar,
And tell me your preference day  →Reservation Form



 “Studio RES
D-SQUARE BLD 7th Floor
1-23-4, Hyakunincho, Shinjyuku-ku, Tokyo, Japan

JR Sobu Line “Okubo Station” From South Exit, 3min by walking
JR Yamanote Line “Shin-Okubo Station” 10 min by walking
Seibu Shinjyuku Line “Seibu-Shinjuku Station” From North Exit, 6 min by walking
Toei-Oedo Line “Shinjuku-Nishiguchi” Station From D5 Exit, 7 min by walking
Shinjuku” Station From East Exit, 13 min by walking



*If we get a chance to perform in an event,
we will perform one of the songs from the this lesson.
Freestyle dance and no costume required.
*Comfortable clothing and footwear are recommended.
And don’t forget water!
*No membership fee
*Ticket system
*Only cash payment is available.
*Refund ticket is not acceptable.
You can give your ticket to your friends
who are interested in Bollywood dance,
or it could be difficult to continue my lessons constantly,
I recommend you to buy an One Time Ticket one by one.
*You can record the lessons and use the video as a guidance to practice more at home. Also for the absence, I’ll prepare the video for you.




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